Tate’s Crack – People are Stupid!

Either people are on crack while visiting Doris’s crack at the Tate Modern in London or they are just downright stupid. How could 15 people hurt themselves in the first four weeks of the “Shibboleth” installation by Colombian artist Doris Salcedo?

I mentioned a story a couple of weeks ago where the first few idiots fell into the Tate Crack, but that figure has been rising each week.

tate modern crack in the floor

Times Online has reported that the Tate Modern may have to implement options that could include “higher levels of control of entry, barrier or demarcation lines, Perspex bridging over certain sections or other physical interventions which may become required.”

The museum already has warning signs everywhere and leaflets about the work are handed out. So, unless you are blind, there is no excuse for falling into a crack that is clearly marked as a crack (unless you are trying to sue the museum!). I’m truly amazed at the stupidity of some people. Are these people just after attention or are they seriously this stupid all the time?!

Phew! That’s my rant for the week. I feel better now ;-)

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  1. You hit the nail on the head using the word idiot to describe the idiots falling into the crack. But I have say this about the whole falling thing at the Tate- BFD and for the papers that feel they have to report such trivial BS, give it up.

  2. I visited The Tate recently and loved it, had a huge debate about Rothko, went on forever. Love the crack, your blog is great and I have added you. I have a lot of interesting articles too. Will definitely come back and visit.

  3. Thanks Pollock

    I hope you didnt hurt youself while viewing the Crack ;-)


  4. No, not one of the idiots thank God :)

  5. You have clearly missed the point of this outstanding piece of art. People are intended to fall into the crack. The signs are intended to be ignored. I would have thought art savy people would all realise this. Obviously you don’t share my superior understanding and appriciation for modern art. We are after only a select buch of intelectuals and the mere hoi poloi cannot be expected to understand these subtle points. Please stop worrying about the wonderful art lovers who have already jumped into the crack and get yourself down to Tate and break a leg! With luck and good networking your resulting plaster casts could be nominated for next years Turner prize. If not get a good solicitor and you could still win a decent cash prize.

  6. Yeah I missed that one completely Cynique.

    Maybe the artist doesnt like British people or art lovers? I hope she doesnt set a trend where it really does become dangerous to visit an art gallery. Hidden trap doors in museum floors and boxing gloves popping out of paintings.. that would be funny..lol.

  7. After years of artists suffering for their art it’s about time the viewing public got to suffer instead. At least a broken ankle will take their mind off the mental torture of viewing the rest of the tosh the Tate has to offer. Come to think of it maybe the viewing public at the Tate already suffers a lot for the sake of Art.

  8. Forget about the idiots who stepped on the crack, what about their mothers? :-)

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think it´s stupid people who fall for this crap art in modern times that truly fall into a crack, the crack of pretentiousness.

  10. Call me a sicko, crude ocker, but I just love the expression ‘Doris’s crack’.

  11. Art News Blog says:

    I don’t think most people pick up on the “crack” part anonymous. It makes me giggle like a school boy everytime I hear it though..lol


  12. I agree with the first part of Earls comment, why should we be safe visiting art galleries? Isn’t it sad when the artscene becomes something purely intellectual where the adrenaline and contact with feelings and emotions is brohibited. Maybe the boxing glove is a carricature, but seriously, when was the last time you where affected visiting an art gallery? If I, as an artist, want you to get in touch with pure feeling, don’t I have the right to punch you in the face?

  13. If I were visiting the crack, instead of falling in like an idiot, I’d probably toss in a bag of idiot phone books I’ve been trying to get rid of. Hey, any artwork that gets noticed by the press and the larger public is probably a good thing.

  14. ItJustAintLiving says:

    haha CRAck..does make me chuckle too! i was talking to my art tutor the other day about it and whilst i had to struggle holding in the pure laughter as she contiuously spoke about the enormity of “Doris’ Crack” haaaaa! im a child, i know

    oo and.. i admit i did kinda slip into the crack but it was all in the name of art.. i thought it would make some interesting photography to take pictures of the inside.. i just didnt inform the staff causing them to be like “ahhh..shes dead!!” sorry if yer reading =/

  15. it was a bigger let down then the time i bought that breakfast making machine!
    when my buddy said lets go see ‘Doris’s crack’ i was like alll riggghhhht then i got there i was like awe mannn

  16. yea those breakfast making machines suck…all they do is shoot you.

    anyway I’m well into this idea of making art that comitts suprise assault on viewers. as an artist and a gallery worker it’d just tickle me in the right way :)

  17. Anonymous says:

    I know I saw like 15-20 peaple fall into the crack
    By the way I just found this website so i might be a bit late


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