The Amazing Nature Photography of Guido Mocafico

Guido Mocafico photographs of snakes

I seem to be mentioning animals quite a bit lately. When things get tough I usually retreat to nature, so it would make sense that if I’m blogging through a challenging period there will be more nature posts. Enough whining from me though, check out the patterns and colors on these beautiful snakes photographed by Guido Mocafico! I have a snake phobia as most of the deadliest snakes in the world seem to like living in Australia, but I can still appreciate their beauty. Guido is Italian, born in Switzerland, currently living in Switzerland and working in France, so lets just say he’s a European photographer ;-) 

From Guido Mocafico’s Serpens series of photographs..

photograph of snakesGuido Mocafico – LAMPROPELTIS GETULA CALIFORNIAE

guido snakesGuido Mocafico – LAMPROPELTIS PYROMELANA

yellow and orange snakesGuido Mocafico – BOTHRIECHIS SCHLEGELI

beautiful black snakesGuido Mocafico – VIPERA BERUS BOSNIENSIS

brown snake photoGuido Mocafico – ECHIS LEUCOGASTER

yellow banded white snakeGuido Mocafico – LAMPROPELTIS GETULA CALIFORNIAE

He has so many more amazing photographs of snakes at his website here worth looking at, but he also has some other collections of photographs that have nothing to do with snakes and are just as beautiful!

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