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I stole this news from the Coxsoft Art News blog.. The Artist’s Magazine has started publishing an online edition of their publication here. It’s free for now, but I can’t see that price lasting.

The Art Newspaper’s free online version that I mentioned a couple weeks ago now has a subscription fee of 45 pounds per year.

To be honest, I don’t think art magazines have figured out the Internet yet. I have seen three different digital versions of art magazines recently and I wouldn’t pay one dollar to subscribe to any of them. They’re basically just scanning their magazine and throwing it online, expecting people to pay subscription fees.

There’s no incentive to struggle with their clumsy online versions, other than the fees being a little less than their published magazines. I would rather pay a little extra and have the magazine in my hand.

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  1. There is a very well done photography magazine called JPG that puts every issue online in PDF form. Like you stated it is just a scanned version. But it worked on me because after checking it out online I subscribed so I could have the real thing. Their website is:

  2. It doesn’t look totally free–just sample pages. Whatever!

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