The Blake Prize Finalists for 2013

toothed vagina

The finalists for the 62nd Blake Prize in Australia have been announced. It’s supposed to be a prize that explores religious and spiritual ideas in art but it’s probably more about who can be the most shocking and vulgar. Being the shit stirrers that a lot of artists are, it’s a great opportunity to share vaginas with teeth, boys masturbating each other and a whole bunch of other wanking good fun with a wider audience.

Which isn’t to say that I’m against the offensive stuff, I just think the prize should be called something like, The Blake prize: taking the piss and offending religious nutters. It would be a much more accurate description ;-)

aboriginal painting

Margaret Loy Pula – Anatye (Bush Potato). This is my pick for the winner, just because I think it would look pretty good on my wall!

2 gays masturbating

Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran – Shit Frame (2 Boys Jerking). Subject matter aside, this is a pretty good painting. What 2 gay guys wanking has to do with religion or spirituality beats the hell out of me. If you browse through the finalists there’s a description of each work and the description of this one is a bigger wank than the actual subject matter.

ufo spaceship

Jacquelene Drinkall – Weatherman Ufology (Kandos Occupation). UFOs are kinda spiritual I guess, especially if you think of them as inter-dimensional.

rodney pople blake prize finalist

Rodney Pople – Night Dance. The church and pedophilia get a few mentions.

scary vagina with teeth

Tom O’Hern – Sheela Na Gig. Possibly one of the scariest vaginas I have seen in art. The hungry vagina with teeth has a perfectly religious explanation behind it.

See the rest of the 73 entries for the 2013 Blake Prize at their website here.

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