The Metropolitan Museum of Art Opens Up with 400,000 Images Online

The Metropolitan Museum of Art digital images

This is such a great way to lose an hour or two online! The Metropolitan Museum of Art has grown its image archive online by 400,000. The museum is allowing free access to the images and free non-commercial use. They’ll be Open Access for Scholarly Content (OASC) which means they’re freely available to use for scholarly and academic publication. My only question is what took you so long? It’s 2014!

Here’s some highlights from the museum collection..

met museum onlineCuneiform tablet: administrative account of barley distribution with cylinder seal impression of a male figure, hunting dogs, and boars – ca. 3100–2900 B.C.

glass vase Glass oinochoe – Greek – mid-4th–early 3rd century B.C.

christian dior dressMay – House of Dior – Designer Christian Dior

Rembrandt van Rijn self portraitRembrandt van Rijn – Self Portrait 1660

islamic artAbu’l Qasim Firdausi – 935–1020 – “Siyavush Plays Polo before Afrasiyab”, Folio from the Shahnama (Book of Kings) of Shah Tahmasp

There’s something for everyone in the collection! Go browse and search the Metropolitan Museum of Art online database at their website here. It’s much better for the soul than scrolling through cat pictures and celebrity gossip on your facebook news feed!

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  1. What a great find! Thank you for sharing, I was recently in the museum visiting the exhibition on Goya and the Altamira Family (on display until the third of August) and I really enjoyed the visit. you can view this and many other artworks at their site, they are searchable by author, and you can filter to show works on display. 100% agree, it is better than Facebook!
    If you feel like leaving your computer screen and visiting some exhibitions i sugest seeing then live at the museum together with this other exhibitions:

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