The Scream Returned

Two years after the daylight robbery of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”, the painting has been returned safely. In August 2004 “The Scream” and “Madonna” were stolen by masked gunmen from the Munch Museum in Norway.

It’s pretty big news, even for mainstream media, so here’s what a few people are saying about the recovery..

edvard munch the scream robberyForbes magazine said..
“ a trial this year for three men charged with minor roles in the heist, prosecutors suggested the robbery was staged to distract police from the hunt for a gang behind a commando-style bank robbery four months earlier that killed a police officer and netted $9 million.
Norwegian news media reported recently that the convicted mastermind in the bank heist, David Toska, had made a deal for milder terms in a 21-year prison sentence in exchange for the return of the paintings. Police declined comment.”

Times Online in the UK says..
officers had been working for two years to find the paintings. “All that remains is an expert examination to confirm with 100-per cent certainty, that these are the original paintings. We believe these are the originals.”
He said that the “damage was much less than feared” and that he believed the paintings had been in Norway the whole time.”

BBC news said..
“Police said no new arrests had been made and the two gunmen remain at large.
In May, Bjoern Hoen, 37, was sentenced to seven years for planning the robbery, Petter Tharaldsen, 37, got eight years for driving the getaway car and Petter Rosenvinge, 34, received four years for supplying the vehicle.”

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  1. I heard about this yesterday and I was so happy!
    I absolutely hate it when art gets stolen because it’s so much more than a valuable monetary object. Stealing and doing those kinds of things to art is the opposite of what art is all about to me.

    Great news :)

  2. good essay on art theft here:

    gives a real indepth take on the tehft of the scream and all kinds of other art, like the Mona Lisa

  3. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe they only got 5 to 9 year sentences. When you’ve stolen millions, yet receive a penalty as if you had taken something small. People get 5 years for car theft!

  4. Anonymous says:

    actually i heard that the “gunmen” and holders of the original works were literally machined gunned on site once they knew where the work was being kept. the media of course want the rest of the world to believe that there are jail sentences handed out for such serious crimes… and by the way “millions of dollars in stolen art” is highly inaccurate. the scream is priceless which is why its necessary to use deadly force to return these items.


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