The Triumph of Painting – Saatchi Collection

“The Triumph of Painting” exhibition from the Saatchi Gallery is opening another chapter of its six part showing, at the Leeds City Art Gallery (running from the 25th of January through to the 12th of March).

“The Triumph of Painting showcases an international line-up of contemporary painters and sets out to show how today’s artists, and audiences, can still be intellectually and emotionally engaged by a form of art (painting) often declared defunct and outmoded in a technological and digital age.”

thr triumph of painting
The multi-part Triumph of Painting exhibition has broke the world record for visitors to a contemporary art exhibition.

“For me, and for people with good eyes who actually enjoy looking at art, nothing is as uplifting as standing before a great painting,
whether it was painted in 1505 or last Tuesday.”
Charles Saatchi

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  1. Painting is dead, long live painting!

  2. If painting is dead, what am I going to do with the walls?

  3. The Raw Image created with Raw Earthly pigments will be here as long as the earth is. Saying painting is dead is like saying all the trees are dead.

  4. THE TRIUMPH OF PAINTING IS DEAD is a work by Belgian artist Jan Theuninck about the complete turnaround of those who went from ‘painting is dead’ to ‘the triumph of painting’.


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