Thirsty for Hirsty

I know I probably mention Damien Hirst more than any other artist, but it’s because he makes more news than any other artist. The man is a marketing genius.

Hirst says Art is too Expensive..
Damien Hirst has a personal fortune of around £200 million and is capable of pulling off his own $200 million auction, but he thinks art is too expensive. He spoke the Independent and said “I think it’s quite good [adjustment in art market prices] because it became unreal … You start to think you are touched by God. I have always thought that art is worth what the next guy is prepared to pay.”

Those with a shed full of Damien Hirst works won’t like the reality of the next quote by Hirst from the Independent article.. “If I want to sell new work, I’ll price it lower. If people have got less money, you can either just shut your door and say, ‘Screw everybody’, or I can wait until everyone can afford my work or price it cheaper.”

The gloom was prompted after “Beautiful Artemis Thor Neptune Odin Delusional Sapphic Inspirational Hypnosis Painting” failed to sell at auction for $3 to 4 million. Hirst said that the current seller paid him half the current asking price less than a year ago, so it hardly sounds like a meltdown.

Art+ Auction Looks back at the Great Hirst Sale
From the Art+Auction report.. “London dealer Helly Nahmad, although an early supporter of Hirst, refrained from bidding at the evening sale. “I prefer to be in something that has a lot less risk,” he says. Nahmad feels the entire sale was indicative of the art-market “moving closer to a business model.” He characterizes Hirst as being “between a superstar artist and a luxury brand” and terms investing in his latest oeuvre as “much easier than buying a modern picture— all you need to know are two or three facts: It’s Hirst, it’s Sotheby’s, it’s luxury. . . . You could have a Hirst company as large as LVMH.” Continue Reading the article..

Damien Hirst Stocking Fillers
If you don’t think the sky is falling and you have a spare 50 thousand pounds this christmas, you might want to visit the Damien Hirst shop for some plastic skulls painted with house paint. Other Criteria has a variety of Hirst skull options for sale.

Damien Hirst Skull
£50,000 + VAT
Hallucinatory Head (OC 6158) Damien Hirst
210 x 140 x 140 mm
Household gloss on plastic skull

Or if you like your skulls with a lower jaw and eyes..
Damien Hirst Skull
£50,000 + VAT
Transcendent Head (OC 6136) Damien Hirst
210 x 140 x 140 mm
Household gloss on plastic skull

Damien Hirst the Art Director – Sienna Miller Video
Mr Hirst has also become the art director of a music video starring actress Sienna Miller. “See the Light” is a song by The Hours music group. Sienna Miller pushes her way through a very Hirst-like landscape..
The Hours – See The Light

That’s all from the Damien Hirst News Blog today! ;-)

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Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. Can you say KITSCH.

  2. I think art is too expensive but I will continue to charge £50,000 for a plastic skull?

  3. Blowdryers!

    that’s what they do at Studios Damien Hirst©™

    they drip the enamel on a use blowdriers to create that “acid” effect” of the paint running…

  4. what anonymous said!

  5. YOu are right about him being a marketing genius, but I can’t say I am overly impressed with his shop or skulls. I suppose the product itself isn’t the point huh!

  6. Poor, poor Damien cannot fetch bloated prices anymore, so suddenly he becomes “concerned” about the high price of art. Mildly amusing.

  7. I love both his business sense and his art, personally.

  8. Donald Frazell says:

    No matter how you feel about his marketing prowes or even worth of his pickled critters, one thing is beyond debate. His sense of color adn ability to pain are simply horrendous. Better color schemes over in East LA low rider paint shops. ugh!

    Art Collegia Delenda Est

  9. Not beyond debate at all Donald, it just seems so because you hate his work.

  10. Donald Frazell says:

    Bored, it isnt art, it is commodity for speculation. He doesnt even make it. He has no color sense at all, when has he ever used it? its all pickled critters and Walmart shelves on display, with some carnival spin paint art to relieve the clinical dullness.

    Zero feeling for color, amazing, again, there are so many other thins is life better than tis, a good car show far superior, and i dont have to spend a dime. Craftmens far beyond artistes at this stage of the game, real artists go into design and practical fields. Arts for flakes now, but perhaps that time is at an end. From Warhol to Hirst is has been abut taking FROM design, and packaging it as art. Marketing.

    Art collegia delenda est

  11. Donald Frazell says:

    Tomorrow may be my coming out day. MoCA is going broke, and just released that they are having an open question period tomorrow to find ways to save it, the 23rd. I am gonna give them hell, and get lots of hate. i am having a show at the gallery right in front of the Geffen in march at LA Artcore, Lydia will be pissed, but she is old enough to know better. Time for the revolt to begin. Enough of the bull shit.

    Art must become relevant again, how I have no idea, but its time to look in the mirror, the portrait of Dorian Grey will be revealed, they have no choice now. I may be no Yesua, but I damn well intend to be John the Babtist, and pave the way. Enough of this shit. Enough of vanity, weakness, and self absorbed childishness. Decadence is done. The vote for Obama was this, and his centrist path so far is perfect.

    I am starting to admire the damn swirl, mine didnt come out so well, though my older adopted one did, I will soon be Dad of a Doctor. I am so proud. But disgusted by the art world, a slap in the face is called for, but will it be to a cadaver? Is it too late? Will anything good come out of it? No good art came out of the Great Depression, not til after WWII ended. But those artists forged by fire were the last wave of true art. It may take awhile to temper a new generation of realists, who love life more than they love themselves. god help us.

    Art collegia delenda est

  12. Donald Frazell says:

    OH MY GOD!!! I jsut viewed teh video, could there possibly be a more self absorbed, whiny, bratty video ever created? Her going into the MRI was just so precious, looking all christ like, then dead stretched cows to symbolize her ordeals shopping through mobs at Tiffanies?! OMG!! They are going broke so she is having a nervous breakdown? I couldnt finish watchin, it was just too painfuly STUPID.

    Could anything validate my point more than this crap? Raw Serrano, as where the hell did she get the name Sienna? Bleached Sienna? God damn hippies, my WIFE is burnt and son raw sienna, what is she, blanca sienna? I am browner than her anorexic white ass. God help us!

    LOL!! I dont know whether to laugh or cry.

    Art collegia delenda est NOW!!!!!!!

  13. Youre giving art too much credit Donald. For me, art is everything, but I’m not normal. Art has almost no influence on the average person on the street, so it will never lead or change society for the better. Or I should say, fine art in a gallery has no influence on society.

    Art is really just expensive decorations that ask the occasional question to a very small segment of society. If you want to influence people, use movie making, street art, popular music, the internet, or maybe photography, as easle paintings and sculpture won’t change the masses.

    Making art is challenging enough without piling up a whole bunch of new responsibilities on top of it. I make art to make art and couldn’t less about what people think of it when it leaves the studio. Society can look after itself.

  14. Donald Frazell says:

    This is true now, because art has degraded, deevolved, become something precious and sentimental for waiflike creatures, clever and witty, wallpaper and self absorbed expression. Art was not always like this, actualy only since the advent of millions of badly trained art school students and carreerists poured onto the “scene” in the 1960s.

    Art at the turn of the 20th century was filled with meaning, and created nearly daily headlines, even famous novels were about famous painters, as Zolas was about asupposedly failed Cezanne. Politics tied itself to art, though true art never started the fights politically, but did pihilosophically, about approaches to life. Now its just stupid, weak, and boring.

    Art had a huge affect on life, even when only behnd the scenes, now just a commodotiy and amusement for the rich. Contemporary art the result, MoCA is about to go broke here, which would be great, as its a waste of time and space, a plaything for the rich and spoiled, decadence viualized. Saw two of the supposedly world leading shows they had, horrible things, Eli Broad is the main donor and raising afit, he is one of the main culprits behond the housing fiasco, overbuilding and hyping and making crappy giant brown boxes. Most of the main patrons of contemporary art ARE the principals in our current disaster. They dont like Modern art, its to deep, makes you think about your world and consequendces of actions, and ethics., None are involved in contemporary art, all distractions for personal responsibility, its always someone elses fault.

    Going to send you a letter I sent to MOCA, the LA TIMES, LA Weekly, LA Mayor, County board of Supervisors, group on facebook tath supports moCA that deleted my letter nd locke dme out, freedom of speech, riiiight. Damn fake liberals, full of bS. Obama is going stright down teh middle, tackling problems as they are, in whatever way gets us through them and more efficeint in teh long run, making both teh left adn right irrelevant, They need each other to survive, the center msut hold, and beat down the aholes of the right, and selfish children of the left. The grownups are taking charge, as in black America, one cant luxuriate in stupid ideologies, ones bankrupt of truth. Good wil and hard work for teh whole is not the theme, and wil include any who wil procede forward.
    Art msut also grow up, adn assist in this project, we havea aplce, not in the front, but along wiht, stop being so arrogant, we have a role to fulfill, jsut do it. WE are not stars, but wil be seen as taht only if we do our jobs well. Lets get to work.

  15. Donald Frazell says:

    The Failure of MoCA to serve the needs of Los Angelenos

    MoCA does not represent the goals, aspirations, needs, or varied artistic creativity of Los Angeles. Contemporary art in general, has been about amusing and serving the desires of a tiny minority, the wealthy, and keeping art academies in business. It has no relevance to the life of Americans, and certainly not Los Angeles. No public funds should be used in any way. All efforts to keep the Museum financially stable, is completely on the audience it serves, the rich, and the Art Academies that rely on their patronization. If they cannot keep it afloat, it does not deserve to exist.
    Privatizing the main site would be best, Museums such as the Norton Simon are of much higher quality, and involves far more and disparate peoples than MoCA ever has. The Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach has far greater outreach, and relevance to the community it truly serves. Its finances are stable, and within reason, for public use, not private sources who use MoCA more for its own desires than the public good. Art has always been to define a community, who a people are, and their search for meaning in life, of god, and family. Contemporary art in general does none of this, being about self-expression, desires, and defining decadence in a Gilded Age of self-worship, which has now ended. The equivalent of the Academy of the nineteenth century, its day is over, if it ever truly had one.
    The Modern Art of the Panza Collection should be sold to a modern museum, preferably the gallery at LACMA. They now have more than enough wall space, and need to upgrade a rather mediocre level of art. It could be kept, as the only truly valuable work in the Museum, being stolen fair and square. As Manhattan was for a few baubles, in the great American tradition of land deception and breaking of treaties. Or housed at the Geffen, and selling or renting the main site for another type of museum or other public usage. Selling the other works, whose prices have crashed forever, true worth now to be seen, could keep the Institution alive. And hopefully bring more of LA into it, looking for more and better art to inspire the imaginations and hearts of Los Angelenos, few of who know, or care, about the Contemporary, or its art.
    But the desires of the few, no matter how well connected or financed, should not induce the City or County of Los Angeles into any deals. A reprioritizing of values is now underway, the new Administration holding out the promise of uniting us as a whole, being about We, rather than the Meism of Contemporary “Art”. Sacrifice is now called for, not to promote the few, but by the whole, for the whole, including the wealthy, who hold the resources of our age to an inordinate degree. There are far greater needs at stake, our children, our homes, our livelihoods. Our planet and basic human values, God and Nature, Art has not addressed these fundamental human needs for generations.
    And until it does, should not be financed by public funds, through grants, incentives, deals, property or direct cash infusions. Let the market it serves determine the outcome.

    Donald Frazell

  16. All I know is chocolate makes anything taste better.

  17. Donald Frazell says:

    This is true, the wife jsut made some chocolate-chipotle chili, damn good.

  18. Donald, you always seem to be getting locked out, banned, or chased out of town in the art

    You might have to smooth your edges a little as us soft artist-types don’t like sharp edges. Wear sheeps clothing and dont let your wolf teeth show and you should be

    I havent read much about the MoCA thing as I havent had any spare time this week. My first thoughts were, are the art museums off to washington for a hand out too??!

    I’ll have to read some about it though.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I would wish to comment on the previous comments. If you can’t find art that is not what you consider (to simplify it a bit), crappy, it might be just possible that you don’t know where to look. I have many many friends who are rocking it in a free world ruled by who knows who and living all the while. Art is not just state of being,,, it is all some people know. hugs and kisses all around.

  20. Donald Frazell says:

    If art is all someone knows, they are real artists. Art is about community, our people, how we relate, and eternity, god. If you only know how to scribble, thats all you are doing. and why we see what we see, art has no passion anymore. Sterile academic ideas of the mediocre. There is some out there, just saw some interesting stuff at MoLAA here in the LBC, guy from Puerto Rico, Arnaldo Roche.

    Too many van Gogh heads, but is really a modernist, incorporates the outside world in his works, but is a little too self revelatory. Considering the circumstances its understandable, but hurts arts affect on others, sympathy is not a complex emotion.

    Art collegia delenda est

  21. I think it is a dangerous road to start discounting his art now, just to make a sale. If that is what is really happening, which I am not so convinced is the problem. Damien isn’t discounting the auctioneers are. If he starts to discount his work he will devalue the works purchased prior, and that is the danger I am talking about. It is a slippery slope, far better to wait it out than to start admitting the works aren’t worth it.


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