This is Bananas

Some artists just love attention and an 8ft high pile of bananas is one method of achieving it. The public all got a piece of this exhibit too as the bananas were given away after the exhibition (and before they started rotting).

Banana art piece proves fruitful

“Passers-by in Trafalgar Square were handed out bananas on Tuesday after an artwork made of 30,000 items of the fruit was dismantled.

The installation, which measured 8ft high and 15ft wide, was created on the pedestrianised area outside the National Gallery in central London.

It was made by London-based artist Doug Fishburne after the Greater London Authority gave it the go-ahead.”


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  1. Sounds like it could have been a good marketing ploy by Nintendo for their new Donkey Konga game :)


  2. This piece has great texture and composition, except for that guy standing in the way LOL…actually aren’t we glad it wasn’t created using fish?

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