Thomas Kinkade Trial

The Painter of Light’s court case has been making a little progress. Here’s a previous post on Thomas Kinkade and his “ritual territory marking“.
Dark clouds gather over ‘Painter of Light’
“A court-appointed arbitration panel has ruled in favor of two former owners of Kinkade-branded galleries, ordering his company to pay them $860,000 (£500,000) for breaching “the covenant of good faith and dealing” and failing to disclose pertinent business information.
The panel found that his firm “painted an unrealistic and misleading picture of the prospects of success for a dealer”, while using religious language to foster an atmosphere of trust.” Guardian

The report also says Kinkade still has 6 more claims, including one from a former gallery owner that lost $3 million and his marriage.
Thomas Kinkade also denied anyharassmentt claims.. “You’ve got to remember, I’m the idol to these women who were there. They sell my work every day, you know. They’reenamoredd with any attention I would give them. I don’t know what kind of flirting they were trying to do with me. I don’t recall what was going on that night.”

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  1. Wow… If I were the women in the harrasement case, I would settle for having that last comment printed on the back of every painting he sells. What an idol!

  2. Funny Sara.
    But really it must be hard for the poor guy. Having to beat off idolizing women at every turn.
    I wonder if they throw their bras and panties at him when he speaks?

  3. Who does this egomaniac think he is, the Tom Jones of the art world?
    He doesn’t even paint his own pictures, so I’ve heard, so one can hardly call him much of an artist, or at least very creative.

  4. Well, to me Kinky is the end result of a culture that has no concept of its Center. Every GREAT culture has the arts at its center, and that “art” has become the world of “limited edition” prints is significant. How could any “print” EVER be seen as “Art”?

    We were led like lambs to this. True patrons are informed and distinctive in their regard for what they see as art.

    Tony – State Street Gallery
    Madison WI

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