Tobias Meyer – Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Auction

Here’s an interesting link to a video of Tobias Meyer of Sotheby’s talking about some important works from their upcoming contemporary art auction on Wednesday. He talks about a large triptych by Francis Bacon which is expected to sell for a figure with lots of zeros on the end of it. You can also browse the catalogue online (I think you still have to register to view them, but it’s free).

francis bacon triptych

I like the left and right panel of the painting, but the center panel is an out of control mess..

Here’s my picks from the auction (if only my bank account had more zeros on the end of the total).

georg baselitz painting
One of my favorite German painters. I like his upside down paintings more, but this is a beauty too.

richard prince nurse painting
To be honest, I’m not a massive Richard Prince fan, but I really do like his Nurse Paintings.

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