Top 10 List of Top Tens

Some day I will create my own lists of top ten everything as people seem to find them interesting. Until then I thought I would share some top ten lists that others have put together. I like a good list.

Edward Winkleman has finished off his year of blogging with a top ten list of top ten lists. It’s a quirky top ten that has something to interest most people.

There’s plenty more top tens out there though. They seem to spike in popularity around this time of the year. Here’s a few more that I found.

Just goes to show that there’s a top ten for everything out there.

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  1. Oh .. i liked the list of urls.. :)) quite funny!

  2. Thanks for the link. Just for the record, my list wasn’t my own original work. I was just linking to somebody else’s and summarizing what they had to say.

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