Top Ten Art Collectors

The ARTnews magazine has released a list of the top 200 art collectors from around the world. It’s probably a good list of names to have on your exhibition mailing list, especially if your works sell for more than a few hundred thousand a piece.

Here’s a list of the top 10 art collectors..

  • Eli Broad – Contemporary art
  • Steven Cohen – Impressionist, Modern and Contemporary art
  • Anne and Kenneth Griffin – Impressionism and Post-Impressionist art
  • Henry Kravis – Old masters, Impressionism, 20th Century art and French furniture
  • Ronald Lauder – Old masters, 19th and 20th century art and Austrian art
  • Sammy Ofer – Impressionist and modern art
  • Francois Pinault – Contemporary art
  • Mitchell Rales – Modern and contemporary art
  • Charles Saatchi – Contemporary British art mostly
  • Charles Schwab – Modern and contemporary art

The rest of the 200 art collectors can be found here.

ARTnews also has an interesting article on the art market and the money that splashing about at the moment.. “Last year at least 810 works of art were sold for over $1 million at auction, according to, which added that we should keep in mind that “until the end of the 1990s only 100 to 200 auctions per year broke through the million-dollar threshold.” At least 200 works went for more than $1 million at the recent auctions.” ARTnews

While I’m on the subject of art collecting and investing in art, the LA Times recently spoke about investors entering the art market to profit from the boom. Randall Willette of Fine Art Wealth Management in London said “The idea that you should buy purely because of your passion is becoming less common. More buyers are coming from a financial background, and people want to support their buying decisions with financial information. Increasingly, art is part of the balance sheet of private clients.” LA Times

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I used to work at a small gallery and we would look for doctors to put on the the mailing list. These people on the power collectors list must get inundated with gallery invites.

  2. You forgot to supply their emails addresses.

  3. I’m sure some one out there probably sells them David.

    I can understand why celebrities are protective of their privacy.. marketers must slam them with junk mail.

    That’s funny about the doctors list. I guess the point is.. if youre rich, don’t tell anyone.. especially anyone that sells stuff.

  4. I would like to find a source where I can buy a list of collectors/dealers etc… I have a large collection and would like to start selling some pieces. Any suggestions?

  5. I wish I had some of these people collecting me.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I thought there were rules of thumb to certain ways in which we handle business affairs. The article list art collector’s name however, has a privacy policy? If so many collectors and aficionado to art are so private or if this isn’t the plight to my argument how are they then that clandestined to standoff themselves from the art world and yet is published (name)in a magazine.
    I feel if they are that lacksidaisical, they (collectors) are missing out on quite a lot of great art (artists)- my art which speaks for itself.
    Please try to come correct the next time when editing with contact information other than just a “name.”


  7. William Duncan says:

    I really found your blog a great read.As I am an artist it would be fantastic to have some of these people collecting my work!

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