Tracey Emin’s Used Bed For Sale

tracey emin dirty bed for auction

Christie’s will be selling British artist Tracey Emin’s dirty unmade bed at their upcoming Post-War and Contemporary art auction in London on the 1st of July. It also comes with yellowing bed sheets and pillows, her dirty panties, several empty bottles of vodka, used condoms, an ashtray, empty packets of cigarettes, various pills and tablets, an old pair of slippers, an old newspaper, a belt, some luggage, and a reputation that should see the iconic work reach more than $2 million dollars!

Here it is in all its glory..

tracey emin used bedTracey Emin – My Bed 1963
Estimate £800,000 – £1,200,000 or $1,356,000 – $2,034,000 USD

But wait, before you bid..
Being the helpful guy that I am, I thought I would do some research into used beds on eBay. I have found that they’re generally much cheaper than Tracey’s bed and most of them seem pretty clean. It’s just something to think about ;-)

Here’s one worth watching..

used bed for saleThis one is for sale in Australia and the current bid is at $322 AUD with 23 hours still left on the auction. Even with aggressive bidding competition towards the end of the auction I’m guessing it’ll still go for less than a million dollars. Bargain!

Here’s the seller’s description (not as well written as the Christie’s description but it tells you what you need to know)..

Great condition queen bed with mattress and matching bedside table with 2 drawers.
Timber – beech colour.

Bed is a wooden slat base with wooden surround and headboard – can be dissembled.
Good quality Osteo spring mattress.

Bedside in great condition – beech colour with 2 drawers.

Hardly used as set-up in a beach house with limited use.

Bed Dimensions: 2100 (L) x 1500 (W) x 600 (with mattress height (320 to top of wooden frame)).
Bedside Dimensions: 600 (W) x 400 (D) x 400 (H)

If you insist on going with the more expensive Tracey Emin bed, pop on over to the Christie’s website here. It’s the Contemporary art evening auction on the 1st of July in London.

Ps.. I think I’m kidding with the eBay bed thing. Even I can’t tell if I’m joking or not sometimes. That beech colored wooden bed does look like a good deal compared to Tracey’s bed. I know it doesn’t have the same provenance, but still!  ;-)

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  1. I am just wondering if they fumigate the emin bed or hermetically seal it because I just imagine it attracting all sorts of horrid little critters.

  2. Ha! I found myself wondering if I would spend a night in it if I bought it. Came up with a no lol
    All jokes aside though it would be a good buy for a smaller regional museum to get a whole lot of attention.

  3. I reckon the used condoms must have perished by now. Maybe that’s why Charles Saatchi wants to get rid of it. Or his cleaners are fed up with dusting it. I wouldn’t give 2p for it.

  4. Charles can see the money being splashed around at art auctions lately. I’m sure he’s hoping for more than $2 million too.

    This is Emin’s dead shark.. it’s super-famous. Museums should think of buying it as a part of their marketing budget as it’ll bring people in.


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