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Yes, it’s an art blog and doesn’t have much to do with travel, but such is life. I have been ping ponging all over the place lately but I keep forgetting to take my camera with me. I managed to take a few snaps though.

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In a hotel in Canberra I had this trippy ceiling that didn’t let my eye rest. I think as an artist you just let an image take you where it wants to go, but this wallpaper on my ceiling just made me dizzy.
hotel ceiling in canberra

Most trees at home are green all year, so I found these trees interesting. There was something romantic about walking down this path, even if I was alone.. and freezing.
Autumn trees in Canberra

See the parrots in the grass? That’s why they’re called Grass Parrots I guess. I have always loved birds and get pretty excited when I see them in the wild. Click on the image to see a larger version.
Australian Grass Parrots in Canberra

Here’s the view from my hotel in Melbourne.
Melbourne City view from Hotel

Here’s another view of Melbourne.
Melbourne City Photo

One more photo of Melbourne city.
Melbourne City Picture

Then I felt like I needed sun and warmth so I jumped in the car and headed North again. I have landed in the commercialized hippy town of Byron Bay. It’s a strange combination of weekend hippies, far out hippies, wealthy retired people, surfers, and BMW driving yuppy types. Along with lots of Germans, Brits, Japanese, Americans, and a number of other nationalities.
byron bay lighthouse australia

Everytime I go to the Byron Bay lighthouse I seem to get wet.
byron bay photo australia

One more Byron Bay photo.
byron bay picture australia

I haven’t decided what I’m doing or where I’m going next, but I check out on Wednesday so I better hurry up and figure it out ;-)

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Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. the ceiling wallpaper is lovely but I would NOT want to wake up to it. Sort of reminds me of the vomit inducing carpets in Las Vegas. I enjoyed looking at your photographs, and did look at a bigger version of the grass parrots. How cool!

    Doesn’t your photography and your travels as an artist fit with art news (as in your art news and influences)?

  2. Good thing the ceiling paper wasnt in color, could promote acid flashbacks in some. Have fun Dionysus, keep on ramblin, til you get to Cali as the coast here is gorgeous. Dont have any towns on rivers, the LA river is more ditch/flood control canal, and those on teh Sacramento River not based on it, but do have Frisco by the bay.

    And more than enough squawking green parrots flying over head here in LBC to fill anyones day. Lots of birds, and seen thousands of pelicans at a time, literally. Birds have made a comeback, as well as coyotes and now bears and sometmes mountain lions in the city, Weird, nature has adapted to us.

  3. Just gave your girl Hazel Dooley props over at Brians site. Has an exhibition of Tracey Emin’s “erotic” drawings. Hazel’s enamel paintings are absurdist illustrations, but her erotic watercolors show great skill and sensitivity.

    Told em to look at hers. Do I get a finders fee? Come on now Hazel, I aint no hater, just call em as I see em. Most critics these days are just brown nosers, American term, gotta take the good with the bad, as long as there is good.

    Weather is mid 70s with big puffy white clouds, and early morning fog. Was 80s last week, California here Dionysus comes? Perfect time for Yosemite is now, waterfalls are flowing, and Sonora Pass should be soon opening.

  4. Here is another reason to come to Cali. An Aboriginal show at UCLA’s Folwer Museum. You could come as a paid correspondent covering Australian art traveling the globe. Come one now Dionysys, put on the charm and work em for a road rip.

  5. Yeah, the grass parrots were cool. They didnt trust me at first and were still and silent, which made them hard to spot. But they went back to eating and bickering after they saw I wasnt a threat.

    And there must be an art connection with the pics somewhere.. as I am an artist ;-)

    Donald, if my latest crazy plan doesnt work out you might see me in crazy LA sometime soon. I was thinking of getting responsible and buying my mother a house, but I have to see if a bank will trust me first.

    I couldn’t log onto Brian’s Myartspace site. Not sure if it’s the internet at this place or his site is down. I’ll trust that you were nice to Hazel though.. it would be a first for you :-P

    And yeah, in America I want to see art, nature and crazy people places like NYC and California. I’m repulsed and fascinated by cities at the same time. I’ll have to work out what colors I can wear in what hoods. I’ll also have to start watching Go, Diego Go! and Dora the Explorer more too as I dont know any Spanish.. lol

    Will see how my newest idea plays out first.

  6. I am always nice! Well, try to be, world wont let me. I already told her I like her watercolors. Far more feminine than her enamel shtick. Sexuality is a hard one for artist, no pun intended. Well, maybe. Erotic art is very difficult to pull off, probably much better for women than men to try. Love Japanese art, but never cared for their woodblock prints, erotic or not, but especially thier erotic manuals of how to have sex with tiny, er, member.

    I have been trying sensual nudes, mostly women, didnt have many men worth drawing at sessions. And not exactly something I would try, cant exactly get up for it. Ooops, sorry. So no erotic stuff there. I just feel she is being far more honest there than her money stuff. And so respect it far more. She should put it in book form, so make money that way, rather than silly action women series. Hate series anyway, a trait of bad artists to cover up weak works. All thsoe series that are great, Monets, mostly, were by accident, coming from observation and exploration, not conceptual nonsense.

    I got onto Brians site, so its not down. Have fun stay warm, a little brandy, a little mind you, will warm your bones. Kahlua in coffee, Mexican coffee with some tequila does nicely here on cold nites, but is about 6oF now, and you could always see crazy people at Burning Man, but thats not til summer. there always Frisco and WeHo, doesnt get much weirder than that. Outside of NYC and maybe Bangkok. Frisco is lovely however, nice wine nearby in Napa and Sonoma.

  7. Just found an artist I really like. Every once in a while I actualy get something worth a damn fromo ArtScene and ArtSlant.

    Whatch think? Fulfill my three requirements, Defines Mankind, Explores nature and searches for god. Rare does that happen anymore. Major props. Has a show at the Carnegie Art Museum.

    See, not negative ALL the time.

    It isnt by choice.

    art collegia delenda est

  8. Where you at, Dionysus? Ramblin, or home owner? Got an article on your girl Jenny Saville on JJs blog at the Guardian. Got some good “discussions” goin on, they set up like ducks, and i shoot em down. Actualy have had some on art, not games and witty banter.

    Things ARE changing.


  9. Not a homeowner yet.. will see this coming week.

    There was a comment on the Joan Mitchell post Here that I think was directed towards you too Donald.

    And yeah, the Bob Nugent site wasn’t bad. I found his paintings more interesting than his watercolors/drawings. Some looked like they didnt know what they were; a painting or an illustration, like they were cheering for both teams. The works that I thought were most successful were the ones that knew they were paintings.

  10. No idea what that message meant, more disjointed than even my ramblings. And no website put up.

    Thats funny, because a blog I like called Hungry Hyaena, linked at Brians site, thought the opposite. but he likes illustrations, and does some that are kinda like Ernst frottage, and animals in colorful surrealist expressionist space. I like both, the illustrations are an old book he painted in watercolro on, like the juxtopostion, and layers it nicely without being literary.

    I want to see nature in more art, observed, and felt. Too much gallery and studio stuff where people dont get out and interact with the world. But do like physically painted works too, just not exhibitionist ones.

    Hope to have you in the ranks of the landed aristocracy soon. Our cabin/chateau and palatial grounds are quite soothing, and make our own world to revive away from the madness. Certainly takes a lot of work, but wellworth it. And get the fruits of the earth, literally. Should be awash in vegetables shorty, already got a bounty in lettuce, spinach and strawberries. Lemons and limes too. The rest need some heat, and a cornicopea of the earth will arise.

    Your mom would enjoy it, and her good son. Means alot to have ones children care that much., You get bonus points.

    Almsot got the Brits at JJs blog trained. they dont know it, but are slowly speakng in legit art terms now, I am a god teacher, even if i have to constantly wrap their knuckles with a yardstick when they act bad. Brits are some arrogant suckers, but you know they cant top mine. Thing is, i can back it up. Their window on the world is slowly opening, even JJs, who jsut said he is gonna participate more. Getting better discussing, but a few recalcitrants are byond hope. The three stooges jsut too damn self absorbed

    So do the deed, and get back to travelin, you are young and should take the oportunity. Wish i could have gone to Istanbul.

    art collegia delenda est

  11. Yeah, I like illustration too. It wasnt that I didnt like his illustration, Im just not as convinced as you that he mixed illustration and painting so successfully. He didn’t fail either, he just didnt blow me away.

    Or maybe I’m just being argumentative?

    And yeah, I can’t imagine sitting still for too long even if the bank does give me a loan. It’s not natural to stay in one puddle for too long.

    Also, Istanbul is recommended. It’s a walk though history. Its a place that has a lot of hooks and never lets go. Food, culture, history, people.. all very interesting. Wear your seatbelts in cabs though as theyre crazy.. all drivers are crazy there actually! You cling to the moment as you never know if you’ll be given tomorrow.

  12. I was into history far before art, which was more a genetic thing, son of an artist and an athlete, and always had Japanese, old prints and precolumbian stuff around the house. Byzantine was the ost interesting, and few Americans understand how important taht was to worl history. late Easter Roman, which became Greek, stopped both islam adn the Mongols, we would be like central asia if not for them. And it is the true crossroads of the world. More peoples and cultures migrated through this bridge between two continents than any other place. History is layered deep there, and want to see Hagia Sophia someday.

    Want to do the whole Mediterranean , someday. Great art all around it, architecture, color, true history. Ours is but a blip in time, in human history, let alone the vastness of the worlds. Gotta know where you came from to understand where you are. Amazing how much people take for granted, and think what they do was inevitable and true, when really just idosyncratic reaction.

    Gotta run, have to find a prayer rug for a birthday party, not that easy. Especially as its for today.



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