Typography Spam One Liners

UK illustrator Linzie Hunter has made spam useful and used it to create a quirky little Postcard Book
and a series of prints.

She uses spam titles or subjects from her junk mail folder to illustrate her hand lettered typographic designs.

Linzie Hunter's spam one liners

Only an artist could turn something so repulsive into something of such beauty. Perhaps more artists should get involved in politics to use our alchemistic skills to change such an ugly trade into something more beautiful.

Linzie’s Spam One Liners series can be seen on her Flickr page or her portfolio website here.

Thanks to Old Glutton for sharing the link. I also mentioned Janet Nelson’s Innocent Spam series of cartoons earlier too.

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  1. definitely something that is relevant

  2. Before there was electronic spam there was chopped ham.



  3. Classic! HA!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Nice. I also found some interesting examples here:


  5. Thanks for the link.

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