The British sculptor Jamie McCartney has developed a technique to offer an “internal pussy casting service.” He is said to be the only person in the world to offer such a service.

vagina casting

From the BizarreMag in the UK “The process is a secret, but involves the same material dentists use to cast teeth,” Jamie told Bizarre. “It’s a goo which sets into rubber in a few minutes. As for how I get it in and out of the vagina – well, you’ll have to use your imagination, but it isn’t rocket science! To get a good result it’s important the model is relaxed and feeling sexy, so she’ll need to spend time alone or with her partner, ‘preparing’.”

I went to the artist’s Brighton Bodycasting website to look at more of his work and found his “Design a Vagina” project. Below is a detail of a wall piece he is creating. The artist is also looking for volunteer vagina models if anyone is interested. He has cast 120 vaginas so far but needs another 40 to finish his study of the female bodypart.

vaginas sculpture

I have previously mentioned a penis exhibition and a guy that uses his penis as a paintbrush for those that are interested in different kinds of body parts.

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  1. Donald Frazell says:

    Interesting, never thought about interior pussy casting, now I know why. But would be interesting to be grouped by race, as asian men are rather, er, small, so are the women to receive them. Black and white women similar. I used to be a dogg, after my earlier engagment fell apart, I went kinda nuts, but my wife appreciates it. my skills now match the equiptment.

    And know womens pussies vary greatly in appearance, size, and beauty. But know that i am caught now, cant draw them, except in life drawing class, and not exactly aroused there. Actually kinda like the one of womens gates unto heaven. I would draw them if I was allowed, but that would be bad, only have once. Very interesting, afterall, Georgia O’Keefe made a living off suggestive paintings, not really very good outside of that.

    Interesting Michelangelos ignudis arent included, Tom ShooterLOL! Here, we tend to be circumsized, and been drawing penis in the life drawing class, actually had some men recently, two or three actually had some muscle, and penis, but again, not aroused. Saw a Playboy stat when young that mens fully aroused beasts were 6.5″ long and 1.5″ around, thought I was just above average. Then find that was all wrong, men be lying fools, and actualy about 4.75″ and 1.25 around, which seems to validate my “research”. And black men no different than white, but Asians? Sorry, sterotypes often contain truth, but cant be used to judge as a whole, that “pre-judice” thing.

    I take everyone as an individual first, but if needing a “big” man you know where to, and not to, shop. Height is a decent start, but not always applicable, i am 6’2″, 200lbs. Probably just proportional. Wife is 5’10″ so excellent “fit”. Dont really need a cast of her interior to “see” it. But, interesting from a physiological view. If arranged in interesting patterns, could be nice, i guess. Color them?

  2. sex toy companies have made molds of porn star vaginas for years now. So this guy is not the only one to do it. They also have made molds of the anus of Tera Patrick and other porn stars. So this guy isa bit full of himself.

  3. Donald Frazell says:

    Yikes! Thats just too much information.

  4. You should see some of the game shows they have in Japan where couples compete against other couples to make a mold first. You can’t make that stuff up folks.

  5. I read somewhere that he got the idea from a doctor that was doing research on Asian vaginas.

    And we’re meant to be talking about vaginas Donald, not

    It is interesting to see them all in one place. There’s as much variety in the vagina as there is in the penis.

    Anon, I sometimes watch a show called Sushi TV. It highlights all the weird stuff on Japanese tv. It’s very strange indeed. I havent seen the partner casting one

  6. Donald Frazell says:

    Guess that great artist, Tom Shooter, got me from your previous post. Some bad drawing and paintings, again, whats wrong with Michelangelo? Most ancient sculpture had their manhoods broke off, hear somebody took one recently in Rome. Didnt have gell for vagina sculpture back in the Renaissance I guess.

    Just thought of vagina size after seeing the mold. Things gotta match up to work properly, and why you see women on top in so many Japanese woodblock “porno” books of the past.

    And I do rather like the wall of pussy. Ooops, sorry. Thought about how our skills at drawing and sculpting have eroded so much, all we do is create casts, thats a craft, not an art. Maybe if they painted them, as the Hellenes painted the friezes on their temples, all marble was painted.

    I said before I was interested in pushing limits as far as possible, but that would be erotic art, not porn. The castings aren’t real erotic, unless you’re a virgin. And again unless someone painted them. Interesting.

  7. Yeah, vagina castings may not be very erotic when theyre grouped like this, but theyre fascinating to look at together.

    I think a lot of people assume that vaginas look very similar, but theyre obviously not.

    A panel of colored vaginas that go from very white, to yellow, to brown, to black would be a project worth looking at.

  8. oh my, it never ceases to amaze me what people will come up with. I agree not very erotic but an interesting grouping that evokes for me a feeling of how we all are the same but not.

  9. Donald Frazell says:

    I think the dominant unifying color would be pink here. :)

  10. Estelle Bouet says:

    “Yikes! Thats just too much information.
    posted by Donald Frazell : 10:06 AM”

    Er, you’re one to talk, Donald. The info you gave about yourself in your first comment had me almost retching my lunch. Your response to a post about casting vaginas was a terribly long-winded, self-serving boast about your own penis, and your supposed prowess!!! Such a self-serving, self-interested response could only be described as masturbatory LOLOL.

    Whatever your (puzzling) motivation, a little LESS information would be greatly appreciated. Or I will have to ensure I ONLY read Art News Blog on an empty stomach.

  11. Yes it is interesting to see genetic variation. I saw an exhibition at the Hayward Gallery a few years ago and part of it was a film where women talked about their bodies whilst standing with no clothes on. It made me think the same thing about how people are all different (but the same as Jaffabrit said).

    I also saw a T.V. show about some women who feel the need to have operations on the genitals to ‘correct’ how they look. I think it’s a bit of a shame if people want to do that. Variation is afterall ‘normal’.

  12. says:

    Poor Estelle, I know she cant handle it.LOL!

    But seriously folks. Women have different sized vaginas, they are designed to hold, stimulate, and receive the men for fertilization. Uterus for the incubation and completely different. So wonder about the differences in women inside. Outside we men pay much attention to, and the best source for art, as it is the source of life.

    Men are usually viewed flacid, and so not terribly representative of actual size at mating. Can be small deflated, but huge when arroused. And so a wall of mens penis would have to have both states to be real, but not particularly practical. Would have to have “fluffers” on the sets. (women who keep porno stars firmed while in between takes, actually learned this from my wife, which she got from her Hollywood actor “spiritual” center people,LOL!)

    This would be far more interesting than 99% of the “art” I see now, soon to be gone as most galleries will be closing soon. And real competition for true quality can begin. Survival of the fittest, not fattest, wallet.

  13. Donald Frazell says:

    Actually if they had any skill at all, and learned the materials well, I would cut off the base of jell, carve down to reveal the lips, and insert a cast penis. Which would be of various flesh colors, with the vagina interior perhaps slightly tinted pink or lavender, or pale orange, according to what worked best with the penis color. THAT would be something. And quite natural. in a weird way. If your gonna do it, do ALL the way.

  14. ….plastic surgeons justify their ‘designer vagina’ services as something that raises self esteem when actually it creates the opposite in a wider society……
    by comparison, the sculptor Jamie McCartney has, by making these casts of women’s vulvas, done the opposite. by showing women what real women’s bodies look like, he raises self esteem……

  15. Anonymous says:

    does sell any of the castings, copies?

  16. Great job, i have to admit it`s funny :) but i don`t think is enough “art” maybe if they were made from black latex with mirror or crystal vaginal lips i think the whole thing will look more expensive, interesting, futuristic and of course art.. haha

  17. Anonymous says:

    I can’t help but think that this man will have a lot of fun with these after his ‘project’..

  18. Actually,every one calling these Vagina’s is incorrect.These are castings of labia,the vagina is the interior part.You don’t even see the opening to the Vagina in these castings.These castings are quite sexy,and they show how much the shape of Labia varies.It is sad to hear about women that get the labioplasty surgery,because they are worried about how their labia look.Let me just say,All Labia are Unique and Beautieful.Like the petals of a flower.They are individual,like fingerprints.I would personally hate it and it would be rather boring if all Labia looked the same.Be Proud of those Labia Ladies,some of us men Love them.Those that don’t are Idots. :}

  19. A.S. Penn says:

    To (aka Donald Frazell):

    I would have to say I agree with Estelle. The fact of the matter is, instead of properly giving your opinion on this article about vagina castings as you should have done initially, you decided to take this as an opportunity to, not so subtly, boast about your penis and sexual prowess. Not very classy for someone who likes to give the impression that they are critiquing art.

    -”Poor Estelle, I know she cant handle it.”
    -”Women have different sized vaginas, they are designed to hold, stimulate, and receive the men for fertilization.”

    You know, I have to applaud you for your ignorant sense of worth. Your two comments in response to Estelle tells me two things. One, that you are threatened by her criticism of your first response, so therefore you must automatically take the defensive and assume she “can’t handle it”, because she is undermining your “sexual” validity. Two, the fact that you believe that “vaginas…are designed to…receive men for fertilization” reveals that you have a male superiority complex, if you truly do believe that’s all a vagina is “designed” for. Hence, you boast that your penis is “above average” because you feel the need to assert your “dominance” over your fellow man and secure your place with women, which you obviously haven’t done if you also feel the need to make your “private” matters public. Such is the egotistical games of immature children, who brag of “shinier” toys.

    I realize that this article is relatively old news, but if Mr. Frazell does respond to my rant, I am going to assume he will attack my penis, claiming I am only singling him out because of petty jealousy. Believe what you want to and call me “old-fashioned”, but I believe in keeping my private matters private.

    I apologize to other readers of this blog for my incessant rant and if I come off as an arrogant ass; I realize it is hypocritical of me rant about Mr. Frazell’s rant. However, I felt compelled speak out against this chauvinist, who so selfishly tried to shift this informative article about vaginal art to his own “oh-so-great” penis. I read this blog to share opinions about art, not to compare penises. Once again, I apologize. I am merely sore over Mr. Frazell’s tasteless commentary, which prevented me from truly appreciating this article, and the fact that I am giving him the attention his penis wants by acknowledging his comments via rant.


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