Victor Rubin Exhibition to Close Eva Breuer Gallery in Sydney

eva breuer gallery closes

Another art gallery in Sydney will close at the end of this month. After twenty years the Eva Breuer gallery will close its doors for the last time with an exhibition of works by Victor Rubin. Nicky McWilliam, the daughter of the late gallery founder says she no longer has the time required to run the business the way it should be. Coincidentally, Queen’s “Another one bites the dust” song just started playing on my iTunes shuffle!

I wouldn’t own an art gallery in Australia at the moment if you paid me to! Well maybe if you paid me I would but seriously, art galleries now have to work for their big chunky commissions. Self managed superannuation (pension) funds now have to jump through too many hoops if they want to invest in art. The newish artists resale royalty scheme (which I think is rubbish) is very time intensive for art galleries. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s the INTERNET!! So yeah, good luck being a traditional bricks and mortar gallery in Australia.

Anyway, enough chit chat, the final exhibition at the Eva Breuer gallery is Victor Rubin’s Timescape which is an overview of the artist’s work from the 70s through to more recent paintings. Here’s a few works from the exhibition..

robert hughes portraitVictor Rubin – Robert Hughes’ “Things I didn’t know – a memoir” Chapter – ‘Wading in Florence’ A posthumous tribute 2013-2014

portrait of poetVictor Rubin – A poets voice 2007

cricket player matthew haydenVictor Rubin – 5th Test, SCG – (Matthew) Hayden 2007

chef cooking soupVictor Rubin – Luigi’s soup 2006

victor rubin portraitVictor Rubin – Rain St studio view (the old and the new) 1974

The exhibition will be opened by the communications minister Malcolm Turnbull this Saturday, which will coincide with the art gallery closing celebrations. If you do attend, please tell Mr Turnball I said his boss, Tony Abbott sucks. See more details at the Eva Breuer gallery website here.

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