Vietnamese Painter Do Hoang Tuong’s Studio

The latest art studio belongs to the Vietnamese painter Do Hoang Tuong based in Saigon, Vietnam. More work by the artist can be seen at Galerie Quynh.

Vietnamese Painter Do Hoang Tuong

Vietnamese Artist Do Hoang Tuong

He does wonderful little paintings like these below..

Vietnamese Artist Do Hoang Tuong

Vietnamese Artist Do Hoang Tuong

Vietnamese Artist Do Hoang Tuong

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  1. You are pretty good at picking em, sure you dont want to be an online art dealer? Dont have to have a gallery, but be the oldschool kind, who hooks up artists with dealers in other cities and collectors. Just take a small cut of the action, and dont even have to leave the conforts of the web, things are changing as you always say. Can keep on painting as you go too, and find who is right for your work.

    Go for it, you got the skillset, much more charming than I am, irritating people into finaly thinking for themselves instead of accepting the status quo is my only saving grace. And aint no quo’er status than the academic art world. You know the drill.


  2. This is fabulous work, just fabulous.

  3. I agree with the person above, fabulous. I’m wondering what the large white strokes across the face are about (visually). Good good

  4. Do you have (direct) contact info for him by chance?

  5. Matthew, if you contact me I’ll give you his email address..

    info at artnewsblog dot com

    I also added a gallery that sells some of his work to the post.. but he doesnt have his own website.

    Donald, the business of art is starting to interest me more than it used to, but I couldnt imagine working with the fragile egg shell minds of artists. If we’re not thinking we’re the greatest artist that ever lived we’re thinking art is worthless and life isnt worth living.. we’re not comfortable in the middle of either And I’m not really that I dont play games very well.

  6. Man, this is a nice blog! This particular artist’s work I think I have to get used to. Something about the eyes disturbs me, but maybe that’s the artists intent. I’ve read several other posts and may send pics of my studio/shed for your studio section. Keep up this nice work. I’ve bookmarked so I can return.

    Best wishes

  7. Exactly the type who should be selling art. If you look back, no critic or dealer rambled on aimlessly like today, pretending to get inside the artistes head. They simly presented the work with as little verbiage as possible. More about making connections with others in different parts of the world to move work. Not Socialize with other jetset wannabes, most done by mail, and now you never have to leave home.

    Selling is more the issue now, the spoiled buyers who wants his ass kissed, and wants to own the artist, to know all this supposedly intriguing and deep stuff about the artistes aims and tender “feelings”. Like the artists “self expression” matters anymore than anyone elses. I ain’t that arrogant.

    Artists dont matter, art does. Sell the, er, stuff. I would rather never meet the buyer or explain. Its up to each to get what they can from it, triggering emotions that may come from different sources and experiences.

    Hell, if you can deal with me, you can deal with anyone. I aint that sensitive, but damn I am opinionated. Luckily, I can back it up. With real world data and life’s realities, not art school pseudo intellectual self exhibitionism. If you dont feel it, so be it. Next.

    Dionysus, Just Do It! Though I do prefer Adidas, sponsored most of my kids travel basketball teams as And1 bailed out.
    To Nike! To Victory!

    ps. Seems LACMA has banned me on their blog because I tore down a curator, wimps. The Guardian has three times, but my fans have clamored for me to come back, or vehmently sworn to hunt me down and slap me til it “hurts”. LOL! Its the natural born troll in me, really, I dont try. Call it a gift. A shit stirrer i beleive you call me, as brown nosing aint my thing either.

  8. You, opinionated Donald? noo.. lol.

    Collectors are as varied as artists. Some don’t want to know anything about the artist, while others get pleasure in “owning” the artist (or at least feeling like they do). It’s a big power trip for some, they like seeing the artist grovel at their feet.

    You need to sugar-coat things more Donald. Praise the curator, then put your point across. Learn the art of subtelty. Youre a Mack truck when you need to be a

  9. Sorry, but I dont have time to coddle children anymore, mine are all grown. If you cant take the heat, get the hell outta the kitchen. And most of these people should, thye have absolutley no business pontificating about art. As they cant see the forest for the trees. I am full of old sayings today, arent I? Or full of something, otheres would claim.

    i am not here to educate, but question, loudly if needed. It is amazing how these tender babies accept the pablum spoon fed them by the art academies. there is no “dialogue’ in art. Its all the same pointless “questions”, that mean absolutely nothing. so art can be, and has been, defanged. Look at the Dutch show above, now what exactly does that have to do with anything made since then?

    Glad you had fun, wish we here at LACMA would have such a show, we get silly photos of people dressed up in costume posed like in a Ceceil B DeMille film, posed decadently, and rather badly. And pictures of Henry VIIIs wifes and him from the wax museum, printed to look like B and W paintings. Why? Stupid.

    Havent seen any of Appels drawings, his paint is not overlaid and textured enough for me, not enough relationships built, but others in CoBrA did. Glad they put in DeKooning too, he is more Euro in temperament than American. Our painters tend to be very overrated. But it is Art Academy dogma that they dominated since WWII, but even in a degrading time, I go with the Euros, more. Weird, as they tend to bug me in other ways, lets not even talk about music. yech!!!

    And i am all for supporting the American truck industry, buy Macks!
    Though i have been edging towards getting a silver Toyota Tacoma extended cab. But will suck it up and buy a Chevy. When I get my hours back and sell a few more paintings. Wife is starting a magazine for teenage and young adult women, about not being brainwashed by fashion industry into being stick figures, and corporatiosn to buy and remake oneself endlessly. How to be healthy and content with life, but alos finding and pursuing purpose. And they wonder why we are married, thats my girl! So may have to wait til her publishing empire gets started. She has all teh people she needs for articles and to work for her, and the talent. Damn fine graphic designer.

    Til then, tear down the Bastilles of Art! Damn the torpedoes! Banzai!Sorry, not real good at being “nice”, meaning spineless and neutered, when it comes to art, history, and politics. Too much at stake, it is not about the individual in these things, it is about the whole. Once that becomes the focus again, I will be a nice boy again. Which i really am in real life. Cyberspace? HELL NO!

    art collegia delenda est

  10. I just love the one with yellow/orange background! Simply amazing!!!

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