Vincent van Gogh Cheese

I did the grocery shopping today and found some Vincent van Gogh cheese! I wonder what the Dutchman would think of that? There was also a Rembrandt cheese, but I thought I would taste Vincent first before I try Remmie. I will buy the Rembrandt cheese next as Vincent was quite tasty. The only thing missing was a glass of red.

Vincent van Gogh Cheese

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  1. ooh is it sharp. The thought of his face on a pack of cheese and what he might have thought has inspired an idea. I am not sure I would like to see my face on a food product, plus it might put people off (okay self depreciating joke). I guess if I had to have my face on any product it would be a marmite jar. How about you?

  2. I used to be very anti commerce and thought mixing art with products was like mixing oil and water, but I quite like the idea now. I would like to see art and artists on everything (as artists are the best

    I would like to see my mug (and/or art) on some good quality red wine. Or a range of dips for

  3. Was the cheese good? I wonder what kind of cheese is worthy of Van Gogh

  4. I’m somewhat disappointed that the label doesn’t read:

    Vincent Van Goat Cheese

    It immediately sprung into my head, and now I can’t shake it.

  5. That’s… kind of bizarre! What in the world does cheese have to do with art??

  6. Yes a perhaps a glass of Renoir Red would have gone down nicely with it.

  7. Have you seen the packaging for Mao condoms? Dip into China to search for them.

  8. I would try a Renoir red if I found one. I would try Van Goat cheese Vincent would turn in his grave if saw that one!

    I had a look at the Mao condoms too Ian.

    The Vincent cheese was good Shevonne. Im getting the Rembrandt cheese next time I go grocery shopping.

  9. I’m holding out for Dali cheese. Great for nachos. It melts all by itself, no heat required.

  10. Joe, Im guessing Pollock cheese would splash you in the face when you open it.

    Warhol cheese would be bland and mass produced.

    And Piero Manzoni cheese wouldnt taste very nice at

  11. Try a bascrieu! Fabulous cheese. And a good red. Awesomeness. Then paint and feel like a total pretentious twat.

  12. Pablo Picasso cube cheese…

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