What Do You Like About Your Vagina?

vagina and vulva poster

Just browsing some of the art projects looking to get funded at Kickstarter. For those that don’t know, Kickstarter allows creatives to set up a page to accept funds to complete a project. The project creator offers all kinds of incentives for backers which can include anything from live concerts to hugs. If the funding goal is reached before the deadline, the funds are released to the artist and the project can be completed, otherwise the funds are returned to the supporters. It’s an all or nothing kind of thing.

There’s all sorts of weird and wonderful projects looking to be funded, with goals of between a thousand and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Marina Abramovic is currently looking to raise $600,000 for her project!

Dr. Debby Herbenick has achieved more than her $4000 goal to spread the good word on vulvas and vaginas. Her vagina poster project aims to illustrate the vagina in all its positive glory and then spread that message through posters, prints and postcards.

Here’s what they say about the vagina project..

We think women’s genitals – their vulvas and vaginas – are pretty great. Many people do. You, your partner, family, and friends may all think so, too – but how would anyone know that you all felt that way? How often do you talk about or hear about the wonders of vulvas and vaginas?

All too often, society focuses on things that make women feel badly about their bodies. There are products to clean women’s genitals, to get rid of some kind of “not so fresh scent” (what?), and even to change the colors of women’s vulvas. We haven’t even mentioned the political and cultural dramas that often put women’s genitals at center stage!

And this is an example of what the finished project could look like.. it is just a mock up though.

Different vaginas and vulvas

Clever, self cleaning vaginas, huh? Vaginas are fun, intriguing and have an air of mystery? ;-)

See more about the vagina poster project here. It’s about to reach it’s deadline, but you might be able to contribute or be a part of the project by contacting them.

Reminds me of the wall of vaginas by the British artist Jamie McCartney.

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  1. You had something similar before, plaster casts of vulvas. I thought they just needed painting, but not quite as garish as here. Some are more beautiful than others, just like a man’s penis. Or so I am told.

  2. Yeah, people seem to like penises and vaginas Donald, so I’ll mention them when I see them ;-)
    If I was ever allowed to curate a museum show I would call it “Cocks and Pussies” lol It would be a blockbuster!

  3. Definitely an interesting project, I would never have thought of this.


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