Who Killed Bambi? Patricia Waller Killed Bambi

Remember the Knitting for Psychos post a little while ago? A couple people even wrote to me and told me that I was disgusting for posting them, but I think they just forgot to take their pills before writing to me. Well, I didn’t know who the works belonged to at the time, but now I do (thanks to those who let me know).

The “crocheted” not “knitted” (another thing I learned from a reader) works are by the German artist Patricia Waller. I visited her website to see some of her more recent works and saw Tweety below.

tweety bird cooking in a pot
My first thoughts were “oh, she must create cute toys for kids too” but then I realized what is really happening with poor little Tweety! I’m a massive bird lover and the scene shocks me at first, but as a rational thinking (at least I think I am) person I can also see that it’s just someone having a bit of fun. It’s not a real bird boiling in a pot and the artist Patricia Waller is also probably an animal lover (with a weird sense of humor).

Lesson for today: have a sense of humor! Life isn’t THAT serious.

One more thing, the “Who Killed Bambi?” work in her gallery is really wrong. Even I went “awww, poor Bambi” lol

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  1. You are just a horrible, Horrible, HORRIBLE person!

    ps, just how does venison taste? Does it go with tweety pot pie?

  2. I think the problem is that some people read Art News Blog of a morning Donald, when their sense of humor hasnt woken up yet.

    Yes theyre weird, sick and twisted, but theyre just knitted or crocheted cartoon characters.

    And, I’m not sure what venison tastes like. One of the last restaurants I went to I ordered kangaroo though, which would sound weird to most people. Kangaroos are much more sustainable and environmentally friendly (to consume) than sheep or cows in this country. They tread much more lightly and dont do a quarter of the damage that cows do. The Australian landscape is harsh, but it’s also very sensitive to anything foreign.

  3. ‘Roo burghers, mmmmmm.
    Better write this woman to make a roo toy, perhaps a baby roo in mommas puch looking up at mommas road kill head. sorry. I am more twised in my AM. I get better as the day goes on, really!?

  4. The irony is that many who scream about how horrid the work is have no compunction in eating meat that is factory farmed and tainted with a history of the grossest abuse of animals.

    Some people really need to lighten up, but aside from that, yes, what a “orrible” person you are, and ps. venison is orrible too, but kfc mctweety nuggets are okay if you like that sort of thing.

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