Why do we Make Art?

I sometimes wonder why? What’s the point? Why make art at all?

It’s usually only after days like today, days that are physically, mentally and emotionally draining.

Everything will be alright tomorrow.

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Australian artist and observer of things.. all kinds of things. I like a wide variety of art, from the weird and wonderful to the bold and beautiful.. and everything in between.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I think you have asked this question previously. There doesn’t have to be answer.

  2. A person makes art because there is something in that individual’s DNA that compels him/her to do so. For that person, to deny art would be like denying his/her own existence.

    Or so that is my theory…

  3. Are you sure it is art that you have created? I once knocked a couple of tins of paint over when doing a bit or home improvement and tried to pass off the result as art. I certainly found the wifes response physically, mentally and emotionally draining and it took a good bit longer than a day for everything to be alright so don’t be too sure about it being alright tomorrow unless your wife is a lot quicker to forgive and forget.

    Then again maybe you are a single bloke in which case I can understand why you have a sunny optimistic but perhaps foolhardy attitude to things being alright tomorrow. Enjoy it while you can and try and leave your mark for future generations… but not like me on the living room floor.

  4. I have asked it anon.. the question keeps coming up for me though. It’s usually on a low day, so I just wait for it to pass. I’ll probably think art is more important than medicine tomorrow, then back to being useless next week.

    I agree Pixie, but it isn’t always enough.

    Earl, it has to be alright tomorrow, so it usually is. If it isn’t, I just have to hope the next day is better. It’s not even being optimistic, it’s a requirement.

    Art sux. I love art.

  5. Each time you ask it you will probably get a different answer. eventually you will have your own, but probably not be able to answer it in words. There are many ways to knowledge, art is just one of them. And i guess ours.

    But a pretty girlfriend and nice bottle of wine always help to get there.

  6. Pixiejorge:
    There’s a Simpsons episode about that. Homer accidentally becomes recognized as an artist because of how someone percieved the mis-hap he had in assembling a brick BBQ.

    Art is in the eye of the beholder, sometimes.

    As for my reply to the post? We create art because we can. Because it can’t be helped. Because there is a pull within us to express ourselves and it is impossible to deny it.

    And every day is great simply because everyday we get to experience life and it is only with experience that we will have anything worth creating.

    Or maybe we’re just bored.

  7. been asking meself the same question lately…

  8. I make it for the same reason I use my voice, sometimes to communicate, to hum, to screech, to think aloud, to curse, to mumble, to sing.

  9. I’m high, I’m dreaming, I can see my finished painting, it’s so exciting, I start, it goes well but when it changes from the high, the dream, I feel low, time I think to wait until tomorrow. Why do it? Because maybe we can’t help dreaming.

  10. I know what you mean. But when people say I love your work and other such then it makes it feel better.

  11. It is my affirmation. It is my mission. It is my
    commitment. It is my recreation. My mediation.
    I focus. I travel. I learn. I feel power. It is exciting
    and healing.

  12. Could it be for the money? I guess it beats working at a proper job for a living? Why does anyone do anything? In the long run we are all dead. – Must dash – I need more black paint for my latest work – it’s called “Nothing but the emptiness of the long darkness of being dead..” oh yes and I need more whisky… and pills… and a razor… and a Lenard Cohen cd… and a dark room to lay down in…

    Well stay cheerful…

  13. If you have to ask – maybe you shouldn’t make art at all….

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