William Dobell Drawing Prize 2007

In Sydney at the Art Gallery of NSW, the winner of the Dobell Prize for drawing has been announced. Ana Pollak’s “Mullet Creek” has taken first place, giving the artist $20,000.

I don’t think drawing gets the credit it really deserves, so I love awards like the Dobell prize for drawing.

dobell prize for drawing winner 2007

Artist and judge of the Dobell prize for 2007 said “This is an articulate and generous drawing that clearly refers to a river landscape. Also, the work says something about the general language of drawing through the quality of line – the juxtaposition of both relaxed and tense lines.”

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  1. I love the simplicity and expression of Pollak’s work. A truly spectacular work!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think Pollack should have won. This prize is supposed to be judged on graphics. Pollacks graphics are minimilist. This is another way of saying lazy, or I just can’t draw very well. I like the drawing, however it should perhaps have been entered in a minimilist abstract event, or maybe the Dobell prize should change its criteria. There are people out there who can really draw, but will we ever see them recognised now that we accept lazy, non talented work because some critic says its abstract minimilist and thats whats good now? I’m sick of it.

  3. anony… How about you sponsor a contest in which you can judge, all on your very own criteria, these drawings to be judged on graphics. Show us what an artwork must embody to attain the lofty attribute all artists strive for… that he or she “can draw very well”. Please stop being sick.

  4. The winning works is a contemporary product entered by a contemporary artist into a contemporary competition. Contemporary (produced nowadays) works of art can very well be “Duerer-like”, extreme representational works or extreme abstract pieces of art, both qualify for the competition. Bitching loosers or ‘missing outers’ do win the wooden spoon award though. :))

  5. Queens Virtue says:

    I appreciate the simplicity and beauty of Anna Pollak’s drawings but that’s all I really have to say about them. I have more appreciation for her sculpture. Am I crazy? I don’t think so. I’d love to appreciate her drawings further, however, my little cousin has an almost identical piece plastered in all it’s righteous glory on a huge wall in my aunts kitchen as I type this. I am sure she can probably use 20,000.00 dollars towards her college fund. Yes, she could enter her drawing, but her last name isn’t Pollak and she doesn’t own a gallery.

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