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Update: Thanks for entering the chair giveaway everyone. Entries have closed and my friend just chose the winner.

I’m sitting at my computer on an office chair that almost has historical significance and is falling apart as I write, but I’m not eligible to enter the Art News Blog office chair giveaway!

The kind people at CSN Office Furniture will send one of the chairs below to the winner, but you have to be based in the USA or Canada.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post saying which chair you would like and why. The winner will be chosen by my good friend that knows nothing about my blog, art, or office chairs. Make sure your comment has a link to your website or an email address so that I can contact you if you win. My friend is coming around to choose a winner on Tuesday, the 7th of July.

Topstar Sitness 5 Ergonomic Fitness Stool
Topstar – Sitness 5 Ergonomic Fitness Stool – I chose this chair because it was very RED and thought it would look good in my messy studio.

Office Star - Backless Stool with Saddle Seat and Adjustable Seat
Office Star – Backless Stool with Saddle Seat and Adjustable Seat – I thought the saddle seat would be good for whizzing around the studio mixing paints and painting, but also wondered if it would make me walk like a cowboy too.

Safco Products - Black Vinyl Precision Drafting Chair
Safco Products – Black Vinyl Precision Drafting Chair – I figured designers, illustrators and architects might like the drafting chair.

Safco Products - Task Master Work Trolly with Lift Ring Height Adjustment
Safco Products – Task Master Work Trolly with Lift Ring Height Adjustment – The work trolly chair isn’t the prettiest chair I chose, but I think it would be the most useful in an artist’s studio.

Only one of your comments will be eligible though, so don’t post a hundred comments thinking that it will improve your chances. And remember that you MUST be located in the United States or Canada. Find more Office Furniture, computer desks and chairs at CSN Office Furniture.

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  1. I would love to have the Topstar chair in green, but any color would fit right into my work space. It’s stylish, looks comfortable, and is ergonomic. Best of all, friends, family, and guests will give it strange looks until they figure out what it is. =D
    It looks like it could even help my terrible posture by forcing me to sit upright correctly. Plus, I love the contemporary look of it. The chair I’m using now is not exactly adding to the aesthetics of my work space.

  2. Goodness, Topstar – Sitness 5 Ergonomic Fitness Stool would be absolutely perfect for me to get lost in it and give my creativity a go/free flow… :)

  3. Love the drafting chair. I usually stand while painting, but it would be nice to sit and be above my work. The chair that I have now is an old wooden thing that does’nt move on it’s own. I usually have my foot on it. It would be way cool to spin about my studio, I think it would be a fine addition.

  4. Doroteja, I don’t know if you can get it in green but I will ask if you win.

  5. I love the Safeco stool. It’s simple and straight forward, and black is always a s good color. Right now I have an old wooden roller that’s part of a set with an antique roll-top desk. It’s hard and uncomfortable for the most part, and the arms get in the way of working. At school all we have are stools in the studio classrooms. They are great because its like standing up to draw while sitting down.

  6. says:

    I would have to take the Topstar chair as well. It looks like just glancing at it could give you inspiration. It would add a certain uniqueness to my room too, plus with my huge desk that wraps around I could just turn around without having to turn the chair since it has no back.

  7. I have been looking for something like the Office Star. It looks like it would be so comfortable while painting or drawing. I like to stand up but after a few hours I need some support. It also looks like it would be fun just zipping around on it.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Janice ( jubilantly hopes she wins the Top Star Sitness 5 for her “Classroom”. My students would flip at the chance to be invited to sit in this absolutely stunning chair! Our school colors are Red and Black and this fits my “Math Matters” decor. How awesome to be able to sit in a “artistically designed” chair by an artist who I hope had a teacher like me, who designs her lesson plans to include creativity.

  9. The Topstar for sure. Most ppl don’t think of ‘fun’ when sitting down at the desk to start work, but with this chair I certainly will!

  10. I don’t know what it will do for my hemorrhoids but I know for sure the TOPSTAR will put a smile. . . on my face! Thanks for this

  11. That red Sitness chair rocks! Lord knows I need the fitness! And it could do double duty as my 6 month old special needs daughter’s therapy ball. Gotta have it!!! If I win, please contact me at THANKS!

  12. Jizzing over the black precision drafting chair–perfect for me cause I got a Jello spine (thanks Mom for that waterbed)

  13. The drafting chair would be perfect for my art studio and my back. The old drafting chair I have is an sad orange thing from the 1970′s and I would love to be ergonomically correct.

  14. You’re right, the Work Trolly isn’t the most beautiful one in the bunch, but it sure looks like the most useful one, especially given the limited space in my studio. Besides, if it was great looking I’d feel bad spilling paint and ink all over it.

  15. The red Sitness chair is hi-larious! I must have it for my new work space. Love it!

  16. Wheels? Outstanding! I’ve always dreamed of a seat with a method of locomotion. Not only that, but it has a backrest! Lasso a passing car and you’re off and around town! The black vinyl precision drafting chair would be the one for me.

  17. My heart says red. A shape that recalls the passionate tip of a penis. Or one of my own prodigious breasts upturned.
    But my ass… my ass says that the Office Star would be great for my posture, would put me a good height above my drafting table, would allow me to zip from table to computer to printer.
    So friends, I must vote with my ass.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Downsizing house and studio means it’s got to be great when collecting begins again. Topstar is it! What a generous offer.

  19. The topstar in lime green because it looks like a work of art, because it rocks, because it looks goofy, because it would fit in my studio, because I LOVE it, because I WANT one, because I want to hear my husband say, “what the hell is that”, and I can say smugly, “why darling it is my ergonomic stool” humph!

  20. I’m going with the Safco Work Trolley. I’m a messy painter and I lose tools easily.

  21. The Topstar would go great with a couple of funky chairs I have at home (love chairs) but I think after having back surgery done a year ago, and doing most of my work now on a drafting table, the Office Star would help me a lot more in the studio. I’m just tired of working standing up; it doesn’t take too long for my back to start giving me problems in that position.

  22. I would love to win the TopStar stool,the design is great and red is one my favorite colors.My work area is small so the size of the stool is good,plus the TopStar stool just looks like fun!

  23. i would like the black drafting chair so i can sit on it. you can email me about my chair @

  24. The saddle-seat Office Star stool is awesome! It looks like one could do a lot of physical work with a lot of flexibility, while still sitting. I’ve never seen anything like it, and it would be fantastic for the textile sculpture work I do. A chair made for action! Thanks for the opportunity!

  25. I’d be motivated to do almost anything in that gorgeous red Topstar Sitness Fitness chair; pay bills (wouldn’t be excrutiating in THAT chair), paint, daydream, maybe even drag out my flute and practice. The probable possibilities are endless.

  26. I would love the taskmaster – the one with the tray over the wheels. My “studio” is actually set in my garage and has to share space with garage stuff (except for a vehicle… it won’t fit any more). Currently I’m using an old folding lounge chair that is actually too short for the table and takes up too much room so any other chair of an adjustable height would be of help either…

  27. The topstar! I would paint two nostrils on the side so I could pretend I was sitting on a giant clown’s nose. (And hope it wasn’t one of those creepy clowns).

    Of course, I’d send you lots of pictures of the thing sitting in my studio, sniffing paint and whatnot.

  28. I would love to win the Drafting Chair because I have long legs and I would love to have a higher chair that I can use while I am sketching. Thanks for having a great giveaway!

  29. What a cool idea!

    My vote is for the saddle seat. Mobility and comfort all in one. That molded seat looks like it would fit my backside like a glove, allowing me to paint for hours without feeling the strain! My hard, wooden stool looks positively primitive next to this advanced model!

  30. oops. I voted with my ass, and my ass forgot to leave an address.
    BTW, it seems most of us love the red Sitness. Gotta find the source for that baby.

  31. I would like the Topstar – Sitness 5 Ergonomic Fitness Stool, so I can consult it before selling my work to any clients.

  32. Well, personally I would LOVE to have three of these chairs…The topstar is the most “artsy” and would fit in my studio space. The office star would fit into my “office” space. But the task master would fit infront of my weaving loom. I guess I could use the office star for this too, but I do like the tray around the bottom and would use it to hold my tools that I would need to have on hand for immediate use.

  33. What a hard decision! I think the Office Star backless chair would work best for me. I like that it rolls around, and it looks like it would force me to sit up straight while I’m at my painting. I really need a good chair/stool for my studio right now, so thanks for giving me this chance!

  34. The drafting chair. After careful thought, I have selected this style as being the most studio friendly. The lower foot ring is key to giving your posture support, and the back pad is great for contemplative breaks from painting– and my, don’t we artists get a lot of those!

  35. The red Topstar chair would be a godsend because my pet Pac-Man is getting fat and lazy sitting around the house. He needs a good chasing by Shadow aka “Blinky”, whom this chair clearly is. Please, won’t someone think of the Pac-Man!

  36. The Red ergonomic chair would be a great addition to my eclectic studio. I would think that it would improve my posture, thereby alleviating my neck pain. I work in multi-media and this lovely chair looks as if it would be comfortable in front of my computer, my drafting table or the occasional ‘sit and contemplate’ in front of my easel.

  37. I’d LOVE to have the Safco Black Vinyl Precision Drafting Chair. It would work well in my studio. It has the height, the back support, and the “movability” that I need when I paint. The aesthetics of the chair are wonderful, but when working, I could forget about that because of its ergonomic qualities. It’s what I need!

  38. The Topstar Sitness 5 Ergonomic Fitness Stool all the way. Just looking at it inspires creativity and an addition like that to my studio would kick things back into gear!

  39. Personally, I think that the drafting stool is the best of all the chairs there. I happen to be extremely short so I have no choice but to stand when I work at my easel. This makes it so that I can only work on my artwork for as long as I can stand still (which happens to be an unfortunately short amount of time).

  40. I would absolutely LOVE the Topstar – Sitness 5 Ergonomic Fitness Stool and red is perfect. I have been in a weight loss program since last September, have lost 104 pounds! Having a chair that combines art and a “workout” sounds heavenly. My current chair is also historic and very wobbly. Makes for short painting sessions..then I have to go stretch out my back!

  41. I love the Topstar chair in yellow. It would be a great pop of color and would work well in my studio. I love the idea of blops and splashes of paint being all over it after a few weeks (maybe days) in my workspace.

  42. I think Safco is the ‘safest’ way to go. It’s adjustable and I like the back support. I wish it came in red like the Topstar!

  43. Top Star! The red is gorgeous, though I’m sure any color would look fabulous. A chic, comfy chair that works the glutes while I’m doing work? What’s better than that?

    Hit me up!

  44. Top Star by far! It’s cute, chic, and would look fabulous is any color. Sitting at my desk drives me crazy because my rear-end goes numb after only a couple hours! What’s better than sitting at work and kinda working out at the same time?

    Hit me up!

  45. I really like the Topstar, even though it looks like a clown nose designed by Michael Graves. I’d probably choose the saddle seat though, since it’s more practical to how I work.

  46. I love that vivid red Topstar! I’m a graphic designer, I can picture this fun and unusual seat banishing away any creative roadblocks I would come across. How could a person not dream up wonderful ideas sitting atop that lovely chair?

    jessica [at] artworknetwork [dot] com!

  47. task master work trolley! ooh i love things that have storage.. i have a small place! does it adjust alot? because i have a drafting table that i like to have a different heights! but i still love the storage!

  48. I can envision it now…surfing the web, checking out Art News Blog, finding inspiration while riding my Topstar Spotless Ladybug! Please make my day. Kevin Contact: or visit my blog:

  49. Top Star! To blast me on my way to creativity! That chair looks like the top od a rocket! Awesome!

  50. I love the Topstar chair light blue! What a great idea and looks so stylish and fun! I was in car accident in December and would be great for getting my back alignment and strength back! ~ :) Thanks – great prize!

    sounders68 [at]

  51. Like a lot of people I like the red one. It looks like a little space craft has landed on the floor : )

    P.S I can’t enter as I’m UK based but thought I’d comment anyway.

  52. Anonymous says:

    i would love the safeco chair, i have a cranoed wirjubg space, and the ability to hold objects on the chair would really help the space become less cluttered, and make painting a little bit easier. THe chair im using is a basic office chair which takes up way to much space, and is really uncomfortable. And it would be especially helpful in my new college studio space.
    my email is (

  53. Anonymous says:

    oh god that was supposed to say cramped working space, sorry!

  54. I would love the Black Vinyl Precision Drafting Chair! I like the fact that it is adjustable so I could use it at my desk or easel. I also like the fact that it has back support. My old desk chair takes too much space and is coming apart at the seams.

  55. The Sitness 5 for sure! The chair I have now makes my feet go numb so this would be a HUGE improvement…and besides it would be so cool to bounce and work at the same time!!

  56. This ‘Topstar’ looks like a rockstar.
    So mushroom like that its inner core would keep my inner core feeling straight thruout my computer tasks.
    So bring it on’Topstar’ and make me rock.
    My email is and view my companies website of art at

  57. The Topstar Sitneess rocks my freaking top off. Honestly, I would have to rearrange my whole space to account for the bright new aesthetics of this chair, but I am ready and willing to do so. It’s perfect for looking like it might melt into the floor + backbending. Yay!

  58. There’s only one possible choice– The Topstar – Sitness 5 Ergonomic Fitness Stool will ease my aching back, its color fuel my flagging thoughts.


  59. I love the shape of the Work Trolly and the area under for holding all those things that you always need and can never find! It has a more interesting shape than some but still seems practical and comfortable for a studio chair. Presently I am using an old desk chair and I think a new chair would really help me create more interesting art!!!

  60. I sit on my butt and work at the computer daily. Writing. Blogging. Staring out my window. Between editing an online magazine and producing content for multiple freelance gigs, when oh when do I have time to exercise? The fitness chair would be perfect for me and red is my favorite color!


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