Win a Damien Hirst Painting Worth £125,000

Want to win an original Damien Hirst painting worth £125,000? Me too, but I don’t live in the UK!

UK residents over the age of 18 can have the opportunity to win a painting by Damien Hirst or one of 20 litho prints by the artist. The Guardian’s Observer Music Monthly is teaming up with Hirst and the band The Hours to give away the painting. The painting was used to create The Hours album cover.

win a damien hirst paintingIt’s not as easy as just signing for up the newsletter to win either as they’re making entrants work a little for the prize (it is a BIG prize.)

The first step is to register your details here before the 19th of April. Then on launch day they will “be setting a new question every day for 20 consecutive days. To be in with a chance of winning, you’ll need to follow our blog story, find the clues and then answer every single question correctly. We’ll be testing your determination and your initiative so make sure you’re paying attention. Every time you answer a daily question you’ll automatically enter another prize draw to win a further signed Damien Hirst litho print.”

There’s more information on the registration page.

Good luck! I wish I could enter it too!

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  1. Oh, be still my heart! A chance to win a carnival spin painting and music by an artsy school band of anorexic adolescents I just must win, and will sell my youngests soul for the chance, or sign up to years of spam, and telephone creidt card calls.

    art e musica collegia delenda est

  2. I signed up to this a couple of weeks ago. It’s not about my soul or my heart I just think 125,000 would be handy!

  3. Yeah, whatever way you look at it Donald, it’s 125,000 which could be a nice down payment on a house, a looong holiday, or looots of good quality art supplies.

    I would keep it. I’m a painting horder. I dont even like selling my own paintings.

    Good luck Helly, I hope you win it.

  4. Perhaps, but what are the odds? And whats the pound of flesh they wil take? Personal information for sale, phone calls and spam, targeted advertising, and corporate universe keeping me on file as a future mark.

    I dont like this something for nothing attitude, thats how we got in this financial meltdown, started with lottories. A sense that gambling was fine, even with our financial future, all to divert peoples attention from paying their taxes. Here in Cali its a lie so fools can claim the schools are paid for thru lotto funds, when they get only 33% and its a drop in the bucket. But anti tax fools use it to keep from paying their fair share and the government in debt.

    Nothing is free, and I like my flesh the way it is.

    art collegia e marketing scams delenda est

  5. Anonymous says:

    You ever notice that UK based competitions like this are always strictly for British people? They rarely open things like this to the global community. I’ve noticed that a lot lately with the UK.

  6. The odds would be better than lotto. I checked the odds of winning lotto once and its just ridiculous.

    But yeah, people that start sentences with “If I won lotto I would.. blah blah” really annoy me.

    If I want to achieve something I know that I have to get off my bum, but if I lived in the UK I would sign up for this competition.

    Im a dreamer.. but I’m a lucky dreamer that also works hard ;-)

  7. Lotteries are a different issue. We have the same thing here. Money from the lottery goes to various causes.

    You could argue the lottery is a bit of a tax on the poor because you’re more likely to want to play the lottery if you don’t have much money to begin with.

    The odds that you’ll win aren’t good so for the most part you will loose your money and it will go into projects the government should be paying for anyway.

    Anyway I hope it’s not true that the older you get the more grumpy and cynical you get!

  8. Anonymous says:

    All the quiz answers are posted here:

    The forum post is turning into a hilarious flamewar! Brilliant!

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