Wines for my Birthday – Wine Scams

It seems that Maxwells Brown is a cultural creature that not only has a liking for fine art but also has a taste for fine wine!

From a recent comment on the previous Maxwells Brown scam post here..

Subject: wines for my birthday………………………….
Hello, My name is Maxwells Brown, an American .I live and work here in Tokyo, Japan. Actually when I was around last year for Christmas holiday, I got a bottle of one of your wines from a friend as a gift and I love the taste Since then , I have been planning on getting your wines for my birthday party …coming up 3RD week of july, here in Tokyo, Japan.I got your contact through your website and I want to know if you will be able to supply me some cases of wines for my upcoming birthday .I will be making my payment via my American based credit card .I am registered with a shipping agency in U.K, which has representatives in USA .So you are not get the wines shipped but the wines will be picked up at your location by this licensed shipping agency .The shipping agency have all the appropriate exportation documents and permits Therefore concerning the shipping of the wines , I will refer you to this shipping company that will come for the pick up of the wines in your location once I have made my payment .They have got like items shipped to me here twice without any delay .Kindly get back to me so that I can make my orders.

His English has actually improved from the scam email he sent me, so with all the money earned from scamming artists and wine merchants Maxwells Brown is probably employing a personal language tutor.

TorbWine also has a scammers list of undesirables.

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  1. These scams could be turned into some form of conceptual art piece…

  2. I watched some spam/scam musicals on youtube recently. It was an interesting idea, but was a little on the crazy side.

  3. He has contacted PengWine on a couple of occasions. Seems he has alot of Birthdays ;-)

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