Woman Charged for Kissing a Twombly Painting

A woman has been charged in France for kissing a Cy Twombly painting worth more than 2 million dollars. Sam Rindy was overcome with passion in front of the work and just couldn’t help herself.

Painting meets its femme fatale
“I left a kiss,” she told La Provence newspaper on leaving the police station. “A red stain remained on the canvas… This red stain is testimony to this moment, to the power of art.” Speaking to French news agency AFP, she said the artist had “left this white” for her. BBC

The painting was hanging at the Collection Lambert gallery in Avignon, France. The exhibition is called “Cy Twombly Blooming – A Scattering of Blossoms and other Things.” I couldn’t find the damaged painting, but the Twombly works that are shown on the Collection Lambert website look like giant kisses. I’m sure the artist would have been amused by it, rather than being offended by it.

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  1. A passionate crime, rather than a crime of passion I suppose.

    Perhaps it was a bit of performance art?

  2. Certainly hope it’s not something that happens too often, but that’s actually rather wonderful, I think. Only the French, perhaps :)

  3. LOL! Gosh, how delightfully naughty of her.

  4. It’s a testamnet to art’s narcissism…she so wanted the attention the art embodied. She evn left her mark.

  5. Just call it the 15 minute kiss for a 2 million dollar smile.

  6. A lip imprint on a Twombly or a hammer blow to Michelangelo’s Pieta. I suppose both are crimes of passion, but surely there less pathetic ways to get attention.

  7. Why should it matter what Twombly would have thought? “The Artist” is dead. The only opinion that matters in this age is that of the person who owns the work (the collector).

  8. Maybe justice would be served by tattooing some Twombly on this woman’s face.

  9. Counter, that’s news to me. As far as I know Cy Twombly is alive and well in Europe somewhere.

    Zaf622, tattooing a Twombly on the poor woman’s face is extreme.. but funny!

  10. cy twombly is, indeed, alive and well at the age of 80, living in italy, as he has for the past 50 years. i’m sure he would have been amused rather than offended.

  11. Apparently this canvas was the middle panel of a tryptich. I found a picture of the left and middle panel, but I can’t find a picture of the right panel anywhere. I’m curious what the whole artwork looks like, and any history on it. It apparently was painted in 1977.

  12. how could you be moved by a twombly to that extent? they utterly lack sould and passion. the blooming series look like giant get well cards.

  13. I kissed a frog once. Guess what? It remained a frog and I remained a fool. I did not however, wear vermillion lipstick, no it was pale pink, once I get out of this teacup (oh, the raging storm!) you can see for yourself…

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