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Just reading an article by Jonathan Jones over at the Guardian. He’s saying that Bridget Riley is Britain’s greatest living painter, not David Hockney or Frank Auerbach. I think Bridget Riley is a very good artist and she’s super famous worldwide, but I don’t know what JJ has been smoking! He thinks Riley isn’t currently wearing the greatest living British painter crown because she’s a woman. What a load of crap.

It’s an argument that has bothered me for years now as it keeps being recycled like there’s some validity to it. Life is tough, making a living from art is tough. If you suck at marketing or your art is weak, put a mirror in front of you because it’s not your gender holding you back. Learn from a 3 year old girl ;-)

Here’s some quotes from the article..

The exclusion of women from art was a holocaust of talent, a denial of half the human imagination.

A holocaust, really??

A deeply ingrained sense that genius is gendered makes it feel strange, almost, to me, to state the fact that Riley is greater than Hockney.

It should feel strange because it’s simply not true.

There is still a glass ceiling when it comes to recognition. Women are no longer prevented by a guild system from actually training as artists. But they are consistently denied the ultimate accolades of fame and respect.

Read the whole article here over at the Guardian. Also, I would put Jenny Saville and Cecily Brown ahead of Bridget Riley, but I do like my paintings painterly.

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  1. That’s what you get for reading The Guardian: a load of crap. Its overpaid dickheads of art pundits jump on any contentious bandwagon they can find. If they can’t find one, they’ll invent it. I doubt if the editor bothers to read their tripe. All he wants is enough words to fill a few columns.

  2. Usually I don’t mind mr Jones. I don’t agree with everything he says, but he talks a lot less shit than a lot of other art critics.

    The whole female art thing just pisses me off though. I’m surprised that museums haven’t been forced to have woman artist quotas!! It will eventually come.

    Art should be judged on quality, not gender.

  3. Definitely agree Mr Jones is full of crap.

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