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ArtPrice puts out an annual “Art Market Trends” paper that looks into the works that are being sold at auction each year. 2006 has been a BOOM year for auction houses around the world. Here’s the ArtPrice paper in PDF format.

Among other things, Art Price ranks artists by the value of the total work they have sold at auction for the year. Pablo Picasso has topped the list for the past ten years and remains there for the year of 2006. The little Spanish master sold an impressive $339,245,929 at auction last year. Pablo sells more work (2087 pieces in 2006) than other artists at auction, but he also sells single paintings for record prices, which crushes the theory that saturating the market brings prices down.

Here’s the top ten artists..

  1. Pablo Picasso sold $339,245,929 worth of art.
  2. Andy Warhol sold $199,392,442 at auction in 2006.
  3. Gustav Klimt sold $175,143,589 for 06.
  4. Willem de Kooning sold $107,373,446.
  5. Amedeo Modigliani sold $90,713,845 for the year.
  6. Marc Chagall sold $89,038,897 worth of art.
  7. Egon Schiele sold $79,081,455
  8. Paul Gauguin sold $62,312,914 worth.
  9. Henri Matisse sold $59,723,249 at auction.
  10. Roy Lichtenstein sold $59,670,946 worth of art at auction.

The full list can be seen here.

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